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TITLE TALK: Measure twice—cut once!

What are the most common title problems and claims?

1. Errors in public records. Mistakes in the legal description happen very often. Clerical or filing errors could affect the deed or survey of your property and cause undo financial strain in order to resolve them.

2. Unknown liens or paid off liens. Liens that are paid off but not released are very common. Prior owners of your property may not have been meticulous bookkeepers so it’s important to use a title company that sends the release with the payoffs.

3. Illegal deeds or wild deeds. While the chain of title on your property may appear perfectly sound, it's possible that a prior deed was made by a minor, a person of unsound mind, or one who is reported single but in actuality married.

4. Missing heirs. When a person dies, the ownership of his home may fall to his heirs, or those named Within his will. However, those heirs are sometimes missing or unknown at the time of death.

5. Sometimes forged or fabricated documents that affect property ownership are filed within public records, obscuring the rightful ownership of the property. Once these forgeries come to light, your rights to your home may be in jeopardy.

Our office is experienced in looking out for these problems and do our best in making sure problems can be resolved or all parties are aware of them. Trust in us to always keep all our clients in the loop when problems arise.

We do the best work so that you can TRUST IN CLOSING

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